Coral Castle: a gem hiding in plain sight.

Leisure City is not Miami Beach, let alone New York or Hollywood. But, thousands of people heading South on US-1 on their way to the world-famous Florida Keys pass by the city every year.

Sadly, many of them miss a Leisure City wonder, Coral Castle, a spellbinding place idly sitting on the Northside of the road.

Nightview of the internal yard.

Twenty minutes before leaving the mainland onto The Stretch to Key Largo, Coral Castle invites the traveler to dig into the past. It is not a fancy place nor does it spot flashing neon lights or play loud strident music. Yet, once in there, you're trapped in such a stunning world of history, nature, love, and even the supernatural that you may easily forget what your original destination was.

Edward Leedskalnin.

The Castle was built by Edward Leedskalnin, an eccentric Latvian-American who settled in the area in the early years of the XX Century. He started carving and moving the rocks in 1923. How he did it alone is still an enigma today. He finished his work twenty-eight years later. Rumor has it, he was terminally ill when he first arrived but he somehow recovered. He believed local magnetic forces helped him heal. Yet, if his magic recovery actually propelled him to carve the coral structures, is still unknown today. Another theory argues Edward built the Castle out of love.

The real big question, though, is how he did it without modern equipment while working at night. Edward claimed he knew the secret of the Pyramids.

Truth or not, his work seems somehow otherwordly and he knew it. Hence, he left a stone message for us right at the entrance. although the sign did not originally belong to the Castle. Tired of people touring his property for free, stepping on his plants, and neglecting his work, Ed moved it from a farm he owned in Florida City.

Today, Coral Castle is a museum visited by travelers from all over the Planet. Audio and tours in several languages introduce the curious visitor to the world of Ed Leedskalnin, a man who all by himself somehow built a nine-ton gate anyone can move with just one finger.

Entrance to Coral Castle


What was the name of Ed’s girlfriend?
Agnes Scuffs.

Where did Ed get all the coral rock to build the Castle?
All the coral was harvested from Ed’s property in Florida City and Homestead.

How many total years did it take Ed to build Coral Castle?
28 years. Ed was working on the Coral Castle up until the time of his death.

Where was Ed born? Riga, Latvia

When was Ed born?
August 10th, 1887

When did Ed die?
December 7th, 1951

Coral Castle is located at

28655 South Dixie Highway, Miami, FL 33033 - Tel:(305) 248-6345
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