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The Florida Lottery will pay your scratch-off in a year...or two!!!

They will pay me...this week or so they said. That is, it took me three months and some heavy American bitching to get my $1000!


Do you buy scratch-offs from time to time? Well, my drama started with the store clerk. WARNING: if you happen to be a lucky winner, make sure you keep your eyes glued on the clerk. Watch his every move or else!

For the Florida Lottery will make you pay if your clerk of choice happens to be the clumsiest idiot walking on Earth! And, I certainly can tell you a thing or two about the journey if your idiot behaves like, well, an idiot! And, it is not pretty.

Update: Almost three months have passed. Today, I received a call. Apologies and, guess what, the Florida Lottery discovered a magical wand. They will pay me! A check is in the mail! Yohoo!

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Just thinking

El silencio cibernético del trumpo-patriotismo.(ES)
Es triste ver como nuestros trumpo-patriotas se han quedado estancados en el Siglo XVIII; pero ¿a quien se le ocurre, en el Siglo XXI, tener un negocio o promocionar una idea sin presencia en la internet?

De los cubanos y los cambios.(ES)
Del 2008 a la fecha, la comunidad cubana en el Sur de la Florida parece haber sido atrapada en un proceso de involución que deja mucho que desear. Con nosotros nos trajimos vicios alimentados en una sociedad que detestamos y los hemos reproducido en esta como...

The Cubans did conquer Miami. (EN)
Yes, they did. Cubans took over Florida and then some. But, the excitement of the early days is long gone.

Women are in charge.(EN)
by Wilfredo Dominguez Kamala Harris

Yes, women are certainly in charge and this macho world is about to change...drastically. The nomination of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden's VP is not another political stunt out of necessity. Joe Biden is atop of his game for the first time in a long time and has a very clear shot at the trophy, the presidency of the United States of America. He, certainly, does not need to pick a woman to disguise his own shortcomings.

De vuelta al Colegio Electoral.(ES)
Hamilton y Madison no pensaban que el Colegio era la solución ideal. Todo lo contrario. Los Padres Fundadores de la Nación tenían serias dudas sobre la efectividad del sistema.
Image provided by Dos Bufones

Things to do in Homestead.

Cauley Square: history in the middle of nowhere.
There is a lot to see and do just south of Miami. And, Cauley Square, for sure, ranks high in the list of must-see places. Cauley Square

Schnebly: an exotic combination of food, beer, and wine.
Plus, peacocks, ducks, iguanas, and lizards. Some lizards!

Schnebly wine

Coral Castle: a one-of-kind gem hidden in plain sight.
Right on US1, the castle greets travelers on their way to the Florida Keys. A quick stop won't disappoint you.

Coral Castle

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